8 easy tips to reduce Night Cramps

Many people suffer from night cramps, especially once the course is fifty or sixty years past! The first time that this type of acute muscular contracture takes us in full sleep, it has something to surprise as the discomfort, even the pain, does not leave us so soon and then prevents us to close the eye.

If it is recurrent, this problem can be a source of stress: one wonders if we will be able to spend a quiet night or if our calf or thigh will suddenly and violently decide to play us some bad tricks. Besides, the morning is not a part of fun either after all that, because the muscles of the lower limbs can be numb or sore.

The question to ask is, above all, how to calm these so-called idiopathic cramps and avoid them to gain in tranquility. That’s fine, it’s precisely the purpose of this article that will detail you a few simple ways to help you.

1) Hydrate yourself sufficiently

The causes of leg cramps are variable and can be difficult to identify, but what is safe is that a lack of hydration never makes service to our body! So think about drinking your liter of daily water throughout the day to put all the odds on your side when you go to bed. We also advise you to avoid exciting beverages such as coffee, tea and alcohol (as well as tobacco).

2) The famous tip of the soap against the night cramps

If you have been reading us for a while, you may not have been missing out on our most valuable advice against cramping, namely putting a loaf of soap in the sheets at the foot of the bed to relieve and avoid cramps. You can also try to catch it with your feet when a cramp takes you. Promote a traditional Marseille soap for maximum efficiency! This tip doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a try even though it may sound a bit unusual. At worst, the soap will not be lost and you will still be able to use it.

3) The right gesture to calm the cramp when it is there

The ideal is to be able to stretch a little to find more normal sensations. Ideally, stand up to put the foot of the painful leg flat against the ground to stretch it. Walking barefoot on the fresh ground can do you a lot of good everyday to avoid cramping. If you can’t get up, replace the floor with a wall or the foot of the bed, it should also work.

4) Prevention actions

Before you slip into the sheets to leave you to morphed, do not hesitate to raise your legs with a cushion for example. You can also pedal in the air a few moments: it’s sporty and a little fun for your partner, but if it can prevent you from cramping, you’ll know how to get past the small teasing good kid! At the time of the shower finally, nothing better than a cold shower or a small fresh jet concentrated on the legs.

5) Magnesium should be invited on your plates

In the context of a healthy and varied diet, do not hesitate to use the powers of magnesium. A deficiency is often pointed at the finger in case of cramp and it is also a crucial substance for more than 300 metabolic reactions. To invite him to your meals, do not hesitate to vary the pleasures with the fatty fish and seafood, the complete cereals and seeds, some fruits and vegetables (bananas, greens, dried fruit…). Also think of the potassium present in legumes and certain fruits or vegetables (avocado, spinach, cabbage, citrus…).

6) Carefully keep the pickle juice

Yes, we are talking about this vinegared juice that we throw once we finish the pickles after our raclette Evening with friends of Saturday night. Do not pour it into the sink because it can be surprisingly useful, especially if you believe some doctors and coaches who consider it to be the best anti-cramp treatment. A few spoonfuls bring a good dose of magnesium… and relief in case of cramp. Come on, it’s not very good, but it’s for the good cause 😉!

7) Pull out your mustard jar

… This or the small sachets of mustard sauce that they sometimes give in fast restaurants and that you can leave on the bedside table to have always at hand in case of cramp (or to treat other problems)! Take a spoon and swallow it to quickly calm the cramp. Like pickle juice, it’s not delicious and it stings a little, but it takes what it takes. Courage to those who dare to test!

8) Pinch your lip

This acupuncture-inspired technique would be very effective for some and well deserves a little test in case of cramp! The exercise is simple: Pinch the lip of the top as hard as you can and pull it outward.

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