8 Mistakes to never commit with your dog

When one adopts a dog, whether it is still a puppy or already an adult, we all of course want to do well so that the cohabitation is as best possible and that the relationship between man and dog is balanced and harmonious.

Yes but here, sometimes it’s much easier said than done, that’s why I propose to explain here the 8 main mistakes not to commit and especially why, when educating a dog.

Mistake # 8: Stroking your dog when he’s scared
This often comes from a very good intention, you want to reassure your dog when he is afraid and to do so we caress him and we talk to him nicely. But this attitude only legitimizes your dog’s fear behavior. A bit like you said “it’s good to be afraid of my dog”. And yes, the caress is still a reward for your dog. In fact, when the latter presents an attitude of fear, ignore him, do not speak to him, do not look at him and especially do not touch him. If you are confident and manage the situation, your dog will trust you and will rely on your emotional state. On the other hand, if you too are afraid, your dog will feel it and act accordingly. In dog Nature, we often say: to be master of oneself before being master of his dog.

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