8 tricks to have beautiful eyebrows.

The eyebrows play a major role in the harmony of the face, but also in the protection of the eyes. Hair removal, shoot, care: Here are our tips and tricks to sublimate eyebrows and look.

Eyebrows: Why are they so important?

The eyebrows have two main functions: protect the eyes and structure the face.

Indeed, the eyebrows are a bulwark against the rain, the dust, the rays of the sun, but also against the perspiration which, falling in the eyes, can irritate them.

In the second case, the eyebrows have more an aesthetic function than practical. They give a certain harmony to your traits. They balance the upper and lower part of the face, and intensify the look. Eyebrows are an important element of feminine beauty, but masculine also.

It is for these two main reasons, practical and aesthetic, that one should not neglect the maintenance of his eyebrows.

Tips for having beautiful eyebrows.

1/Choose Quality Products

Attention to care or make-up products that you use: if they are of poor quality, they can slow down the hair growth of the eyebrows or even stop it completely.

2/Don’t epilate your eyebrows too much

No matter how fashionable, you should never completely wax your eyebrows. Go sparingly. Removing hair that goes beyond the shape to be drawn is sufficient in most cases.

3/Learn the right gestures

If you use tweezers, grasp the hair well at its base by pulling it in the direction of the shoot. This prevents it from breaking and pushing back in any direction, or even the bulb gets infected. The best thing to do is to epilate after the shower: the pores are enlarged and the hair extracts more easily.

4/moisturize Your eyebrows arcades

Use a day cream to make your skin more supple. This will facilitate the growth of eyebrow hairs. Gall acid creams are specially designed to help with hair growth.

5/bet on natural ingredients

To moisturize and nourish the skin, natural products can be an effective solution. Especially castor oil which has the power to boost the hair growth or the essential oil of rosemary.

6/Consume beer yeast

It strengthens the nails, the hair but also the hairs. It is eaten in sequins in salads or soups, or in the form of food supplements.

7/Clean Your eyebrows

Indeed, as they protect the eyes from dust and perspiration, the eyebrows store the impurities. It is therefore essential to clean them properly, to remove the makeup or to take a shower. Having clean eyebrows is keeping them healthy.

8 Brush your Eyebrows

Giving a little brush on the eyebrows gives them a nice shape and smooths them. If they are rebellious, there is an eyebrow gel.

How to choose the shape of your eyebrows?

To have beautiful eyebrows is also to know how to epilate. For this, there are several techniques: wax, thread or tweezers. The technique to choose depends on the degree of hair growth of your eyebrows and the shape you wish to give them.
Regarding the latter, it must be in harmony with your face. For the first hair removal, feel free to call on a beautician to find out what’s best for you.

The eyebrow starts in a vertical line with the inner corner of the eye. His tail ends up aligned with the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eye. Finally, its comma is aligned with the wing of the nose and the iris. In general, the shape of the eyebrow naturally follows the shape of the eyebrow arcade.

As for its thickness, it is a matter of taste and face. The current fashion is with thick eyebrows and well defined, way Cara Delevingne or Lebanese eyebrows.

Finally, it is prettier to have well-provided eyebrows, without scattered areas. If necessary, a little makeup will fill the holes.

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