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The first cause of absenteeism at school and at work, the Menstruation are often experienced by young girls and women as a real monthly ordeal to which it is difficult to escape. Ten tips to allow you to live at best these few days.
First Menstruation: no worries

The first Menstruation are often a source of concern for teens. Don’t worry, you have nothing to worry about. If the Menstruation appear on average at 13 years, some girls live at 10, other girls at age 17. There is nothing wrong with that. The first Menstruation occur between one and four years (average two years) after the onset of the first breast bud. If they were really slow to come, you can ask to do a pelvic ultrasound to ensure the proper conformation of the uterus and ovaries.
menstruations: Talk about it in case of a problem

Very abundant menstruation, very painful Menstruation, irregular cycles… Don’t hesitate to talk to your mother, sister or girlfriend. The ideal is not to delay to talk with your gynecologist who will prescribe exams if necessary and will advise you to fight against the pain during the Menstruation.
menstruation delay

If you have had sexual intercourse without contraception and you notice a delay in menstruation, practice a pregnancy test quickly. The tests sold in pharmacy are reliable at nearly 99%. They can be used from the presumed day of the Menstruation or even three days before, for the most efficient. If you do not want to get pregnant, it is also possible to react before you notice the delay of the Menstruation by using emergency contraception.
menstruation: Always have protections with yourself

Women’s cycles last on average 28 days; To know the date of its next Menstruation, it is better to note each time they take place the date of the beginning of the Menstruation; However, for a young girl, for 1 to 3 years, the calendar is irregular: The menstrual cycle is not stabilized because the ovulation cycle is not yet prowled. In order not to risk to try his clothes in case of untimely arrival of the Menstruation, the best is to always have in his bag a protection in reserve.
Tips to fight the pain of Menstruation

Some women have very bad stomach or cramps in the back during menstruation: This is due to the contractions of the uterus. These pains are usually surmountable with paracetamol or antispasmodics. Attention, the aspirin thinning the blood is to be avoided. If the pain is too strong, do not hesitate to talk to your gynecologist. Use the simple remedies: hot bath, water bottle on the belly, and learn to relax: The more you contract, the worse it is.
Intimate hygiene and Menstruation.

The Menstruation are not dirty; However, in contact with air, the menstrual fluid takes a bad odor: so you have to wash regularly and carefully, sometimes several times a day. If you do not choose your protection well or if you do not change it often enough, the blood may try to work on your underwear: Whether you are using towels or pads, so be sure to keep yourself dry.
Comfortable underwear during the Menstruation

If you are suffering from pelvic cramps and/or pain, it is advisable to wear comfortable underwear during menstruation. In the same way, it is better to postpone the tight dress or close jeans during this period. Put on comfort to be comfortable for a few days.
Menstruation and Sports activity

This is because you have your Menstruation that you have to dispense with moving. Unless you have very bad tummy you can attend your gym class as usual and even go to the pool if your heart tells you. Just think about changing protection before the course starts.
Relaxation during the Menstruation

Stress could affect the pain of menstruation. During this time, feel free to familiarize yourself with relaxation. Some breathing exercises allow you to fight pain and relax if you are prone to mood swings during your period.

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