A 100% natural banana exfoliating Treatment for your face

Today we focus on our faces.
What could be better than finding a smooth, soft skin like a baby? It is possible with banana peel and Konjac sponge.

-Banana peel, or banana powder
-A sponge of konjac
Nothing simpler, just mix a banana peel, until you get a homogeneous texture.
For those who have banana powder, take water and mix with water.
Then add your mixture to your sponge, then knead 5 minutes on your face.
Rinse and savor this new skin, yes yes it is your:p

Did you know?
Banana skin can act on acne skins or having persistent tasks.
The banana peel also helps to reduce the fine lines visible on the face.
It also hydrates the skin in depth. It helps to lower the pockets under the eyes.
The Konjac is a root that comes from Asia. Sponges are made from this root which allows to exfoliate the skin gently. This sponge is a marvel I can no longer do without.

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