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If you’re in a time bind and looking to lose a bit of weight quickly for a specific day or event, this 3-day diet might be just what you need to help you. Tangerines are often included in many diet programs because of the many benefits they offer. Tangerines are:

-Very low when it comes to calories (just 37 calories in 100 grams).

-Fruit that contain a high concentration of fiber.

-Juicy and filled with lots of water.

-On the low side of natural sugar.

-Helpful when you want to purify and detox.

-Good for fighting obesity using chemical nobiletin.

-Not to mention the nutritional value that tangerines offer to your life. They contain high amounts of vitamin C, along with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and also B6. they contribute to your daily serving of the minerals magnesium, calcium, and potassium, and even offer you a lot of antioxidants!

-Choosing to follow this specific tangerine diet requires you to commit just 3 days.

Here is what the program looks like day by day:

Day 1


-Choose between 5 whole tangerines or 1 glass of tangerine juice with no sugar. 2 eggs, boiled to your liking. Choose between coffee or tea with a bit of sweetener.


-5 whole tangerines. A seasonal salad (250 grams) with lemon juice as dressing. Your choice of coffee or tea with some sweetener.


-Cooked lean meat of your choice (150 grams). Green salad (250 grams) with lemon juice dressing. Go for some tea with honey.

Day 2


-1 glass of tangerine juice with no sugar or 5 whole tangerines. 2 boiled eggs, as you prefer. Either coffee or tea with sweetener.


-5 whole tangerines. Cheese of your choice from 20-30% fat (50 grams).


-Fish of your preference (200 grams). Lettuce, as much as you want.

Day 3


-5 whole tangerines. Oat cereal of your choice (2 tablespoons) with 1 spoon of raisins. Coffee with sweetener.


-5 whole tangerines. 1 cup of clear or vegetable soup and a few crackers.


-Chicken (200 grams).

-Lettuce, as much as you want.

-During all three days of this specialized diet, make sure that you drink at least two liters of water, if not more. Don’t be fooled, add your sweetener to your coffee and tea, it’s included for a reason!

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