GO out with a dog or STAY home with a cat ?

In love with animals, you like dogs as much as cats, and do not know if you should choose a doggie or a tomcat instead? Unfortunately we are not all fortunate enough to be able to accommodate many animals, and this is a real dilemma!

Dogs and cats are extremely different, and do not require the same care and attentions.

Very different characters and needs

This is no secret to anyone, the cat is a solitary, territorial, and autonomous animal. The dog is much more social, endowed with a gregarious instinct, and more submissive than the Cat.

You live in an apartment? Remember that your dog will have to be out at least 3 times a day, rain, snow or sell!

Your cat can stay warm. But many of them love adventure, and will seize every opportunity to escape. Some will not hesitate to go through the window while you aerate a room…

In terms of hygiene, cats do not need to be groomed and bathed, unlike dogs that must be regularly (but not too often) washed.

A dog can do some damage, certainly, especially when it is young, but a cat is more destructive yet! He likes to make his claws on the couch, pounce on the shelves, hide in quite unusual places.

But rest assured, cats and Greffoirss exist, and a cat educates! You just have to be patient.

If your cat can come and go, go out whenever he pleases, it will be a pleasure to bring you, as gifts, poor little mice and birds, dead or Alive. It will bring them very proudly! The dog will offer you other kinds of gifts, which he’ll spread in the garden!

Absence and Holidays

Do you have to leave for a day or two? You can then leave Kitty alone, with food, water, and her favorite toys. A dog won’t be able to stay alone for a weekend.

But it is easier to take your dog on the road with you than your cat. A dog gets used to the change more easily than a cat who prefers to stay at home on its territory.

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In short, if you are available, and dream of having at your side a loyal companion ready to follow you anywhere, prefer a dog.

If you are looking for a more independent companion, a cat will make you happy.

anyway, Be sure that this animal will make you happy, and will make you all the love you give him!

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