Add these ingredients to your homemade shampoo and forget dandruff forever!!

This recipe, spotted on Aroma Zone, uses the power of thyme to sanitize the scalp and fight against dandruff. A little long to realize, this shampoo can be stored for up to three months. Here we goooo

For the ingredients you need:

For phase A:

24 ml of surfactant base consistency.

For phase B:

3 drops of true organic lavender essential oil
6 drops of essential oil from Rosemary to cine-ole BIO
5 drops of essential oil from thyme to geraniol BIO

For phase C:

111 ml neutral base of organic neutral shampoo
For phase D:

7.5 ml of active cosmetic salicylic acid plant
1.3 ml of active cosmetic silk proteins (liquid)


  1. Transfer phase A to a bowl. Lightly heat if necessary to obtain homogeneous translucent preparation.
  2. Pour phase B into phase A by mixing vigorously between each addition.
  3. Incorporate phase C into the A + B mixture.
  4. Finally, add phase D by mixing well between each addition.
  5. Transfer the preparation to a vial using a small funnel if necessary.

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