All what you must know about your baby’s first teeth

A small mouth with small teeth of milk scattered, all moms will agree: it’s really cute. When do they appear? How to relieve our baby during the teething? Here are our tips.
Your child has red cheeks, he more saliva that usual, he cries, he has damaged buttocks… no doubt, he is doing you a pretty teething. Painful moment to pass, it ceases from the moment where his tooth came out.

First milk teeth appear around age 5-7 months. These are the central incisors located downstairs that come in first, followed from the top. The last teeth to appear are the biggest: the molars, in the run-up to the two years of the child.

It sometimes happens that a tooth drilled without that you are aware, but not what is most common. To detect the arrival of a tooth, just look at your child’s gums. A small white or red spot is the sign of a breakthrough next.

How to relieve teething?

-Give your child a teething ring that you have previously placed in the fridge. The cold having anesthetic virtues, he will be more relieved.

-Massage her gums with a gel adapted;

-Ask your doctor or pharmacist of Chamomile to reduce his pain.

In homeopathy, it is quite effective and is widely used. Some mothers put around their child’s neck a necklace of amber, reputed to ease the teething.

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