An amazing chocolate cake without butter!

Who would not crack for a chocolate cake: strong in taste, Fluffy and simple to make. But often one can have scruples to use a part… Let’s discover today a recipe that should please more than one: the chocolate cake without butter… with a mystery ingredient!

It’s Wednesday and this afternoon, the kids are home! To pass the time and prepare with them a good snack, nothing better than to bake all together. Today we test this surprising recipe: the chocolate cake where butter or fat are not entitled to a city! instead, a vegetable that can still be found in the garden for some time!

The recipe for chocolate cake without butter

The “magic” ingredient, which will replace butter or fat in this recipe: grated zucchini! Rest assured, It gives no special taste and ensures an ultra-fluffy Result.

The ingredients of the recipe
-4 whole eggs
-200 g dark chocolate at 70%
-30 g unsweetened cocoa powder
-200 g zucchini
-40 g sugar
-30 g of cornflour
-1/2 Sachet of chemical yeast
-Salt Flower

The preparation of chocolate cake and zucchini

Preheat the oven to 180 °c and ask the children to peel and grate the Zucchini.

During this time, melt the chocolate in the Bain marie. Separate the white from the eggs, and whisk them yellow with the sugar until the mixture becomes a little frothy.

Mix the zucchini and the chocolate once it is well Melted. Then add the powdered chocolate, cornflour and yeast while mixing well until smooth and homogeneous preparation.

Beat the Whites in snow, and gently incorporate them into the chocolate mixture. Pour the appliance into a mould, bake 20 to 30 minutes depending on the Taste. Allow to cool and then UNMOLD.

The result is a bit like a chocolate fudge, but in much lighter and airy 🙂

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