Anti-Aging: 5 Simple tips for preserving your skin

How to have a beautiful skin and a bright complexion even when the years pass? How to fight the effects of time that leave traces? Here are 5 natural tips to help you preserve our youth capital.

Anti-aging Tip #1: Well Choose your moisturizer
Every type of skin needs appropriate care. Since young skins do not have the same needs as more mature skins, it is essential to choose a moisturizing cream that respects your epidermis. Whether you have mixed skin, oily or dry, it should not tirailler. Normal skins can opt for a light cream. To refine the skin grain, it is recommended that mixed skins use a matifying emulsion. Finally, dry skin must be thoroughly hydrated with treatments rich in soothing active ingredients such as aloe vera to reduce the early onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti-Aging Tip #2: Use essential oils
Well known for their benefits and virtues, essential oils are proving indispensable in everyday life to fight against the marks of time. We particularly like the essential oil of Italian helichryse, which blurs scars and skin blemishes. If you have brown spots, you can apply a few drops of lemon essential oil that will blur the stains little by little. To combat fine lines, Geranium essential oil is particularly effective. You can add a few drops in your day cream, guaranteed effect. The essential oil of ylang-Ylang is also known for its revitalizing virtues: thanks to its exceptional composition, it regenerates the cells and decreases significantly the appearance of wrinkles.

Anti-aging Tip #3: moisturize your body daily
If it is important to moisturize your face in the morning and evening, you should not forget to moisturize your body! And yes, some areas are more fragile than others, it is an essential gesture that will avoid the appearance of stretch marks and other nasty effects of time passing. Moisturize daily by applying a cream on the top of the thighs, breasts and belly to protect the skin from external aggressions, and soften the epidermis. And don’t forget to drink a lot of water to help your cells regenerate.

Anti-Aging Tip #4: Learn how to remove makeup well
Who has never been too lazy to remove makeup in the evening? Yet the makeup is much more important than you think about skin aging. When the skin is poorly cleaned, the complexion becomes dull and the skin gets damaged. Every night, apply a makeup remover suitable for your skin type and make sure you have eliminated all impurities. Finish the makeup with a toning lotion or floral water. In the morning, just pass a cotton soaked in micellar water or apply a cleansing mousse to show a bright complexion all day!

Anti-aging Tip #5: Well start your day with a breakfast
Our diet has a direct effect on our body and our health: in addition to giving us energy, it can help to fight the marks of time. From breakfast, we fill up with fruits and vitamins! Vitamin C-rich fruits are preferred. The pressed Orange is excellent for awakening its taste buds, but especially for producing collagen. Strawberries, papaya or kiwi are also perfect for keeping skin toned and bright.

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