Anti-Aging Hacks: 200+ Ways to Feel and Look Younger

If you use any type of digital device, especially a smartphone, you could have tech
(or text) neck and, thus, more fine lines and wrinkles. Hunching over smartphones
and other devices may be your default position, but it can cause wrinkles and fine
lines to develop around your neck. Plus, you’ll develop a slumped-over posture,
which will make you look older. The human head generally weighs about 10 to 12
pounds, but research has found that when it’s tilted 15 degrees forward, it feels
more like 27 pounds. When tilted 60 degrees forward, it can feel like 60 pounds.
With each degree that you push your neck forward, the stress on your spine
increases by 1 degree, which is why there’s been an increase in people reporting
neck and upper back pain, even among young people. You don’t have to be a doctor
to diagnose tech neck; just look in the mirror next time you use one of your digital
devices and watch how far forward your neck stretches and how curved your spine
becomes. (Or ask a friend to take your picture as you use your device.)
While it’s difficult to live without devices, you can prevent tech neck by bringing
your phone up to eye level. Also, be conscious of your posture as you’re using other
devices, especially if you’re sitting, and arrange your space so that you can maintain
an upright posture while using devices

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