Apply This Nourishing mask for dry and damaged hair You Will See The Results in Just 3 days

Most hair masks contain at least one type of vegetable oil to help the hair. There are masks for hair based on avocado oil, cocoa butter and even olive oil that you can buy. And if you make it yourself at home, you can also use these oils, not forgetting to personalize your hair mask in order to highlight the oils you particularly like. And one of the most popular vegetable oils for hair is argan oil. It is quickly absorbed and leaves the hair strong and nourished. Combined with the deep protection and moisturizing qualities of shea butter, you get a real nourishing care especially for dry hair and abysses.

For the preparation, you will need:

½ Cup of Shea Butter ¼ Cup of Argan oil
Essential oil (s) of choice (optional)
Small mixing Bowl
Stirring spoon

A container of choice to store your mask (preferably glass jars).
If your Shea butter should be softened, place it in a warm place or even in a water bath over a very low heat. You don’t need it to be totally melted, but very soft and easy to mix. Add your Shea butter and Argan oil (and your essential oil, if any) to your bowl and mix until everything is well mixed. Then carry it in the container of your choice and store it in a cool and dry place. Shea butter will probably thicken slightly as it cools but if you want, you can use your mask right away. Put it on your ends or on your whole mane. Leave it at night. Just remember to shampoo twice to avoid any oily residue.

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