Are you single? Here are 10 ideas to keep in mind.

1 You parent’s house is your house too, so don’t be in a hurry to get out of.
2 Your life started when you was born, Do not wait for a man to start it, you can live a fulfilled life as a single woman
3 move away from alcohol and drug they have killed others and you are not free
4 Avoid answering the number, especially late at night
This is not the right way to find a lover
5 Develop a healthy eating habit
Always have breakfast and avoid sweets
6 dress decently because the impression counts
People will judge you by the way you dress before you even talk
7 Sex is to enjoy not a proof of love on the contrary it makes you feel like a light thigh
8 Do not marry someone because of money, otherwise you will become like a toy for him he can easily manipulate you
9 Give yourself value, build a career
Don’t be fooled that a man will solve all your problems because they are yours.
10 Respect yourself according to your dress code
This will also show what you are; Where you come from and many people will respect you because of your well-being.
As a bonus please obey God as he is the only one who can give you what your heart desires. and good luck 😉

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