Are you tired? Don’t listen to what you’re told!

A recent study published by the journal Nature has shown that when you lack sleep, you are more inclined to listen to the advice of others… even if they are wrong!

A sleep study highlights that we are more inclined to follow the advice, good or bad, of others when we have not slept enough…

Lack of sleep makes you doubt yourself

When you lack sleep, you would be more likely to heed the opinions that you are given… Even if they are bad! This is one of the findings of a recent study conducted by a group of European psychologists by depriving “guinea pigs” of Sleep. A danger, estimates the authors of this study published by the journal Nature, if a leader lacking in sleep listens to the last notice received even if the one who gives it is not the most expert (1).

Studies of the same type had already underlined the extent to which lack of sleep can cause self-doubt, reduce confidence. It is better to sleep a few more hours and not listen to the opinions, before making an important decision. Even though it may seem obvious, it is at least now scientifically proven!

Inclined to listen to opinions, good or bad!

How has the study managed to draw such a conclusion? The participants in this study were divided into two groups, one enjoying a good night’s sleep, the other staying awake 24 hours in a row. When asked about their perceived fatigue level, they had to estimate the distances separating European cities. After trying to guess them, they were offered to listen to the opinions of third parties, one being judged as “very competent”, the other “relatively competent”, and changing their response in Function.

In the end, if the most tired had obviously more trouble estimating distances between cities, they also proved more inclined to take into account the opinions given to Them. and, whatever the skills, known to them, but also to the one who had advised Them.

Morality: not to sleep enough makes it impressionable.

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