Baby Project: What natural solutions to boost your fertility?

The arrival of a child is often the project of a life. So when it is late to come, this desire can become a real ordeal. To give mother Nature a boost and enhance your fertility, here are some natural solutions, recommended by Carmen Tanguy, a certified and validated Shiatsu practitioner and reflexologist of the Medoucine network.

Improve Your Life hygiene
A pregnancy is prepared for 3 to 6 months upstream. This period of preconception is essential for both parents to improve fertility and above all to pass the best to their child during pregnancy.

Lifestyle and dietary changes can boost fertility by up to 69%. So the first thing to do is to clean up your environment:

Reduce the consumption of toxic: alcohol, tobacco, exciting (coffee, soda…);
Also reduce the use of polluting products for our body and our home. Many of the daily products reject endocrine disrupters that are harmful to the quality of ova and sperm. Pay special attention to the cosmetics and household products used. There are a multitude of very effective natural alternatives.
Monitor your diet
Step two, fill up on nutrients. To get pregnant and to continue a pregnancy in good conditions, the body needs vitamins (including B6, B9, B12 and D) and trace elements: Zinc, magnesium, selenium, iodine, iron. It is therefore essential to have a healthy, varied and nutritious diet to improve these design chances. In case of important deficiencies, you will need to consider with your doctor a supplementation to fill the nutrient deficit.

The healthy attitude to promote fertility should be

With quality products: ideally organic, seasonal and local;
Many fruits and vegetables (50% of the plate);
Full grain
Good fats, in good quantity (no light!): First bio oil cold pressure, oilseeds, seeds, etc.;
A variety of quality proteins (we don’t forget vegetable proteins!);
Little Sugar;
While not forgetting the pleasure that remains the essential factor!
Plants to boost fertility
To stimulate ovulation and to facilitate nesting, herbal medicine will be supported with Tribulus cures during the first part of the cycle and Alchemilla during the second part of the cycle. Favour the taking of plants in their “totum” (whole plant in order to consume all the active parts). The therapeutic effect cannot be attributed to a single chemical constituent or a group of molecules. It is the whole of the substances present in the plant that determines the activity of the plant, by a synergy effect.

You will be able to complete with a cure of gemmotherapy of raspberry to regulate the hormonal system.

Learn how to manage stress
The arrival of baby can take time, a lot of time, too much time sometimes. Over the months this expectation stresses, even depresses some couples. So to harmonise his emotions, Bach’s flowers are a tool of choice:

To wait more serenely until the realization of this future pregnancy: Impatiens;
In the event of a wave of sadness: Mustard;
If the desire for a child becomes an obsessional idea: White Chesnut;
When a feeling of guilt is added to the difficulty of getting pregnant: Pine.
Finally, to stimulate your fertility, relaxation and relaxation are your best allies. A multitude of techniques exist to reduce nervous tensions: reflexology, sophrology, relaxation, yoga… Test, experiment and find the ones that suit you. One rule: Indulge yourself.

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