Beautiful breasts goal: 7 beauty tips for a beautiful breast!

Our breasts, we would like them more generous, more curved, firmer, or on the contrary smaller … All our tricks to finally make peace with our chest. Better yet, be proud of it. Here are 7 beauty tips to take care of it!
Seven beauty tips for having beautiful breasts!

Playing on satin
Regardless of their shape or size, breasts are to their advantage when their skin is soft and velvety. Give them a weekly scrub with a delicate exfoliating shower gel (L’Occitane Almond Gommante Shower, 13) or even with a formula for the face (avoid large-grain scrubs on this fine and sensitive area).

Then enjoy the neckline of your moisturizing mask, ideal for defrosting it. And every day, massage the entire area, breasts and bust, going up to the neck with a sweet milk enriched with honey (Honey Nourishing Body of Sanoflore, 13.50 , Body Cream Ultra-Comforting Honey Dream of Nuxe, 18, Intensive 7 Days of Garnier Body, 4.45 Rose extracts – wax and essential oil – fragrant (Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Body Milk, 24.30 euros), in shea softening (Expert Repair by Yves Rocher, 4.90 euros)…

To increase the degree of voluptuousness, use a nutrient oil enriched with Q10 (Nivea Firmed Dry Oil, 6.90 euros). The two main references: Clarins Bust Lift Gel, $50.90, for its immediate and long-term lift effect or Firming Cream for the shiseido bust, $46.50.

Fancy one more cap in the blink of an eye? Cover your breasts with Sephora’s Pump Up The Volume silicon shells, $10.90, which attach to the bra-like bandeau bra. Round breast and curved guaranteed. A trick that also allows you to wear backless, strapless dress or plunging neckline without straps that protrude (awful, even transparent …).

Make them shiver
This is the innovative idea of Keraskin’s Grand Ritual Bodymorphose Contours-Bust-Decolletus (1 hour 45 minutes, 100 euros), which aims to firm and reshape the silhouette. During the bust stage, after applying the homemade silicon formula with a brush, the beautician rolls a new tool (the Cryozone 2) that lowers the temperature of the skin by 3oC: “In addition to the immediate tensor effect, the cold contracts the vessels. When the temperature returns to normal, they dilate and the active ingredients permeate the tissues better,” explains Helga Malaprade, Keraskin International Trainer. Another audacity, optional: a final draping (like Velcro band) of the chest, to be kept on you for twenty-four hours to prolong the benefits of the treatment.

Well, also, adopt these “ice” reflexes: finish the shower with jets of fresh water, apply for five minutes on the breasts two moistened toilet gloves passed in the fridge a quarter of an hour, spray a fresh water of care before getting dressed …

Aiming for 3D
Give Mother Nature a boost with treatments that lift and regalbe the chest: push-up effect promised in four weeks. Apply every day by making a roller coaster around the nipple, before going up from the neckline to the neck. Silicon, which has already proven its effectiveness in synthesising collagen and strengthening the tissue frame, is the star asset of two new tensor serums (L’Oréal Paris Divine Sublime Body, $13.90; Keraskin’s Morpho-Buste, $67). Also very good, the kigelia, an invigorating African tree extract (Sampar Bustier Satin Cream, 65.70) or the firming peptide of this multi-functional treatment (Gel Corps Qui Lifte Tout de Sephora, 20.90 euros).

Another option is to explore oleotherapy with this gourmet formula with organic macadamia nut oil (Completely Nuts Farm Breasts Serum!, $32 at Parashop).

Flatter the silhouette
To harmoniously reposition a (very) generous chest, wear Wacoal’s Minimizer Slimming Bra, from 55 to 63 euros, hyper-technical: “The combination of a material stuck at the top and bottom of the bonnet and a satin stretch band in the middle, where the breast is the strongest, distributes volume and creates an elegant look,” explains Sophie Knis, marketing director at Wacoal France. Without compressing or crushing the breasts, of course, and reducing the chest circumference by two centimeters. To straighten “mature” breasts, Playtex’s Tonique Contour, $40, features new frames, hyper-comfortable high-tech “spatulas” that regaland and give tone to the neckline.

Fleeing the sun
Your cleavage is archi fragile, but you protect it less than your face: “Yet it’s on the front line in the spring,” says dermatologist Dr Nadine Pomarède. From April, slip into your handbag a small tube of SPF30 sunscreen to draw during lunches on the terrace or tennis games (not to mention the neck). On the beach, switch to the 50 index the first few days, and if you drop the top of the jersey, cream the underside of the breasts, in danger as soon as you lie down.

Moving to the institute
We’re doing double duty. The neckline, now included in the “face” treatments, enjoys the same attentions: cleaning, massage and peeling mask in the rejuvenating and redensifying treatment Instant Lift Vinosculpt de caudalie (1) (80 min, 180 euros).

Another plumping idea, anti-ageing body rituals: scrubbing and wrapping “blackcurrant-cranberry” smoothing and firming in the LiftAlpes Body Care (2) (50 min, 115 euros), or cell regeneration and modeling in Aromessence Corps Liss’Age Excellence Corps (3 ) (1 hour, 90 euros).

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