Can we get herpes on the buttocks?

I have recurring herpes on my left buttock. How can we cure it definitively?

The answers with Prof. Khaled Krept, dermatologist Venereologist:

“You can have herpes on your buttocks. The buttock is a frequent place of recurrence of herpes. This is usually a genital type 2 herpes. When you’re young, herpes tends to re-offend on the genitals. And when you get older, it re-offends more on the buttock. It is not a herpes of the young. But you can keep the virus all your life without being embarrassed.

“We treat it the same way as other herpes. But the herpes of the buttocks is less annoying because it is not visible and it is not inconvenient for sexual intercourse. It’s just awkward to sit. “

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