CANCER: 7 Foods to consume absolutely.

There are foods that can promote the onset of cancer. And those who protect us. Discover below 7 anti-cancer foods to be preferred according to the dietetics against cancer, how to choose them and how often to eat them.

1-Plants of all colors

To put KO free radicals that damage the DNA of the cells (which can then become cancerous), the antioxidants of vegetables and fruits are weapons of choice. Try to eat 5 to 7 vegetables a day including 1 peeper (cabbage, broccoli, radish, turnip, watercress) and 1 green leaf vegetable (salad, chard, spinach…). Color your plates to the Fullest. Eat 2 to 4 fruits a day with the emphasis on red fruits, citrus, pomegranate, black grapes, dark plums, red apples… Prefer organic fruits and vegetables.

2-Ginger and turmeric

Inflammation increases the production of free radicals that damage the DNA of the cells, making them cancerous. Its residue also blocks the natural death of the cells which can initiate a cancer (which stirs up the inflammation, the buckle is closed). Turmeric and ginger are two spices with recognized anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Consume 1 to 2 teaspoons of organic turmeric per day in your dishes or on your salads (with a little oil and pepper to assimilate it) and organic ginger as much as possible (infusion, in cakes, dishes).


garlic, onion, chives and their cousins (leek, shallot) improve liver detoxification which helps to protect our genes from mutations. They help to protect themselves from cancers, especially Digestive. Add chopped garlic or onion to your salads or dishes every day. Objective: to eat daily the equivalent of 2 cloves of garlic and 1 onion (or 2 shallots).

4-Green Tea

Black tea and green tea are highly antioxidant but green tea contains more epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol that inhibits the growth of cancer cells in vitro. Prefer Japanese green tea richer in EGCG than Chinese. Drink every day 2 to 3 bowls of green tea infused 8 to 10 min.

5-Complete legumes and cereals

Consuming too much sugar can promote certain cancers (especially digestive) due to excessive chronic insulin secretions and associated Inflammation. therefore, foods that do not lead to blood sugar levels and insulin secretion, i.e. those with low glycemic index (gi), should be given Priority. In addition to the vegetables, these are legumes (lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, etc. but white and red beans stimulate insulin) to be consumed 3 times a week and full grains (bread of several cereals, pasta, rice, etc.) that are Prefer to High-gi refined cereals.

6-Fatty Fish and flax seeds

The current Western diet is making the best of omega-6 to the detriment of omega-3s. Result: an inflammatory environment conducive to the formation and proliferation of cancer Cells. To restore balance you need to consume more foods rich in omega-3. On the menu: rapeseed oil in seasoning, fatty fish (sardine, mackerel, herring, salmon, tuna, cod liver…) 3 times a week, eggs from hens fed flax and flax seeds (whole or freshly ground) every day in your yogurts, salads, soups, etc. If you are a vegetarian: rapeseed oils and camelie, flax seeds.

7-Vitamin D;

Vitamin D is a potent tumor inhibitor. It also plays an important anti-inflammatory role. Several studies have demonstrated its anticancer effects. To benefit from its preventive virtues, expose yourself to the sun every day between 11 and 3 pm, protected face during the beautiful season (from March to October) by being careful that your skin does not blush (limit from which the sun becomes harmful For the skin). In winter, the Sun no longer allows the synthesis of vitamin D, fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, herring) are insufficient and cod liver contains too much vitamin A. You should take a vitamin D3 supplement or ask your doctor for a Prescription.


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