These Superfoods Belong In Every Healthy Diet

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With lifestyle disease cases rising, more and more Americans are shifting from the traditional fast-food mentality and adopting a healthier lifestyle. With this in mind, marketers have been coming up with unique strategies to influence food market trends. One such approach is the superfood narrative. From a nutritional point of view, there is no such […]

You Should Never Eat These Menu Items

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There’s nothing quite like going to your favorite restaurant and enjoying delicious food and beverages. We all have our go-to meals, but every now and then, we like to try something different from the menu that we haven’t tried before. We think that everything restaurants offer is a good option, but that is not the […]

7 Snacks To Lose Weight

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We all get hungry in between meals. During the holidays especially, we tend to pick up junk food to satiate those cravings. For those of us that pack on pounds easily, this isn’t great news for our self esteem or bodies. But you don’t have to give up snacks altogether to lose weight. If you’re […]

10 Signs of Cancer You’re Most Likely To Ignore

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There’s an estimated number of 1.7 million new cancer cases that are diagnosed each year in the United States alone, with more than 600,000 proving to be fatal. And while many people are now leading healthier and more active lifestyles, basic healthy living protocols such as getting exercise, consuming less fatty foods, avoiding excessive alcohol […]

15 Hidden Signs of Liver Damage

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Nausea, swollen limbs and constipation? You haven’t been feeling well lately and your symptoms seem to be all over the place, which makes your condition difficult to diagnose. If you want to get to the bottom of our recent health troubles, you might want to take a look at our next list – hidden signs […]

These Celebrities Left America After Becoming Famous

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Considered the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood is also renowned for housing most A-list celebrities. Although L.A. offers a rich ambiance of cultural heritage and sophistication, paparazzi and gossip mills are always on the prowl like hungry vultures scavenging for mischief and exclusive photos. These actions, in turn, make it almost impossible to lead […]

By: Amanda

Please help. My hair has always been my pride and joy. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my hair or touch it. I just don’t know what to do. my hair has also NEVER been shorter than this and it breaks and falls out. What should i do to regrow hair?

By: mr franks

yes…..for me, the best thing to use is onion juice two or three times aweek…….mix it with castor oil or coconut oil………one can see an improvement in 2 weeks but it will take 6 months or so to see an excellent result…… could work for you……try it!