Coconut oil, a multifunctional beauty care

Thanks to its soothing, nourishing and protective virtues, it pampers our skin, our hair and our nails. Adopt without further delay this treatment with the melting texture and exotic fragrance paradise.

Where does it come from?
Coconut oil is a vegetable oil of white color or pearl ivory with a very melting texture that is obtained by pressure of fresh coconut. Also, it keeps the very suave and exotic smell of coconut and brings gourmet and delicate scents to the cosmetic preparations in which it is used.

At an ambient temperature of about 20 °c, it solidifies. To obtain an oily and fluid texture, simply place it in hot water or in a bain-marie. It is distinguished from copra oil which is obtained by pressure from the sun-dried nut. The latter has a pretty rancid smell.

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