Cold sores: 5 home remedies to apply.

Fatigue, stress or simple arrival of winter: Herpes, also known as the cold sore, tends to reappear these days. Especially since it is a contagious virus! To calm the onset of a cold sore, remedies may already be in your cupboards! Here is a roundup of 5 natural tricks to overcome!

No. 1 cure for cold sores: garlic
For this natural trick, you just have to have a clove of garlic that you cut in half. Using one of the two halves, gently rub your herpes button for one or two minutes.

No. 2 cure for cold sores: essential oil
Soak a cotton swab with an essential oil, either tea tree or niaouli (native to New Caledonia, rich in active principles and trace elements), and tap your lip at the location of the cold sore.

Feel free to repeat this action three or four times during the day and start over the next day.

Remedy No. 3 anti Fever button: lemon juice
Gently press a cotton swab soaked with lemon juice on your fever button for several minutes. Do not exceed three applications a day because lemon juice is particularly acidic!

Tip No. 4 against the cold sore: honey
This trick is probably the favorite of the greedy sensitive to the pain… Coat your honey lip regularly during the day and let it act for about ten minutes. Then pass a wet cotton disk on your lip to gently rinse it.

Tip No. 5 anti Fever button: cider vinegar
Place cider vinegar on a cotton disc, then gently press it on your cold sore for about ten seconds. Repeat the operation over the course of the day and your cold sore will have decreased significantly!

And you, did you defeat a cold sore with a home remedy that is not listed? Share your natural tips in comments.

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