Diet: 5 Ideas of balanced breakfasts that help to lose weight

It’s decided: for your health and for your line, you want to eat healthier. What is the most suitable breakfast? A dietician-nutritionist shares 5 light menus.

Skipping breakfast to lose weight? Error! This meal is essential because it helps to avoid cravings and thus nibbling, but also to reduce the quantities at other meals. It also has to represent 25% of the daily energy intake, compared with 35% for lunch and 30% for dinner.

The structure of a light, satiating and balanced breakfast is simple: a fruit, a cereal product for starch intake and a dairy product. But not just any! There are fake friends, like bread crumbs and industrial fruit juice, often stuffed with sugar. It is therefore advisable to read the labels correctly, and to opt for products without added sugars.

Another trap: The biscuits, which are often fatter than conventional bread. in question? The fat that is added to be able to grill them. Muesli can also book bad surprises because it is sometimes too rich in sugar. It is therefore recommended to check the composition and consume only 40g.

But how to compose his breakfast well? Florance Rajat, dietician and nutritionist, book 5 turnkey menus.

1. The Salty Breakfast
The adepts of the salty have several possibilities: they can taste a slice of black bread, rich in fiber, surmounted by 40g of fresh cheese 0%, and accompanied by a slice of ham.

Another option is an omelette, consisting of two eggs and a slice of ham, followed by 100g of white cheese, to check the milk product. Good to know: this alternative is fatter than the first proposition!

The advantage of menu salty? It is particularly satiating because it is rich in protein! Like any other breakfast, it can be accompanied by a hot beverage, such as tea, coffee or herbal teas, unsweetened.

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