Diets and eating disorders: How to stop the yoyo effect?

Chaining the diets is not good for health or for the line! It is often difficult to get out of the infernal spiral: weight loss and then recovery of the kilos. An expert tells you how to finally get out of this vicious circle, and stay slim.

Weight watchers, Dukan, Montignac, cabbage soup, lemon… The plans no longer have secrets for you, and yet the result is not at the rendezvous. Before you started your first diet, your weight was much lower than it is right now. This is the famous Yoyo effect! Often, diets can also be the cause of the onset of eating disorders, such as nibbling, bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia… Is that your case? Discover the tips of Emilie Galvan, expert in nutrition and psycho-nutrition, certified and validated of the Medoucine network, to set up today according to your profile.

I open the cupboards barely home
Classic! Often at the end of the day, the accumulated stress requires a decompression phase. The attitude to be adopted:

Take the time to walk home from work, breathe to the full lungs (get off a few stops earlier or park and take a walk in a park next to you)
Stop, lay down, and become aware of the pace of your day, to do. Lower the pressure, the level of demand and the requested responsiveness.
Are you alone? Book for 30 minutes at 1 hour to take care of yourself (reading, glass with friends, beauty mask, massage, cinema if you have more time…).
It’s the rush, the errands to go, the kids to fetch, prepare dinner, bathe… Make it a game, laugh with them, and if it’s not “perfect ” It’s okay! Also think about home delivery, meals, errands and even vegetable baskets.
I eat healthy and balanced for several days, then I crack
Normal! The restriction causes the need to let go at one time or another. Contrary to the ideas received, make yourself happy everyday!

The “perfect” power supply does not exist! Eat dietetically correct every day would quickly become annoying and especially difficult to set up on a daily basis. Keep the basics of a balanced diet, and enjoy your fun foods in full consciousness!
Remember, the more it is forbidden, the more you will want it.

I start to eat and I empty the fridge, without being able to stop
This is called binge eating, or bulimia if you make yourself vomit afterwards or do sports over and over. First of all, stay benevolent towards yourself and try not to feel guilty (it’s hard enough to manage like that!). Then:

Make sure you have enough meals to regulate your hunger.
Opt for a salty breakfast or in any case without too many fast sugars (orange juice, white bread, cereals… are to be avoided in the morning), rather eat white ham, complete bread, eggs… To start the morning the body needs protein and good fats!
If you feel the crisis coming, prepare everything on a platter and sit at the table. Putting yourself in the condition of a meal helps to reduce the quantities.
Try to listen to the emotion of the moment, what your body is trying to tell you through this need for compulsion.
If I eat normally, will I take my kilos?
It all depends on the quality of your food, the quantities, the environment in which you eat… There are no rules, everyone is unique! Here are all the same some general tips to avoid the Yoyo effect:

Listen to your feelings of hunger and satiation, and respect them as often as possible.
The best diet is to eat when you are hungry (true physiological hunger) and to stop when you are satiated, the body regulates itself, trust it and listen to it!
Now that you have become aware of the dangerousness of diets, both on the health and psychological level, it is time to reconcile yourself with food, and especially with your body. This is possible thanks to psycho-nutrition!

What is psycho-nutrition?
Psycho-Nutrition allows for a holistic approach, both nutritional and behavioural and emotional. It integrates effective tools from third-wave behavioural and cognitive therapies for sustainable change.

This speciality addresses the hygiene of life through a complete assessment, a point on the food sensations. You learn to better manage stress and emotions, and to reconnect with your body image. In parallel, you find with the therapist the sources of motivation for a gradual, personalized and lasting change of your habits.

A gentle and caring approach, psycho-nutrition helps to get out of eating disorders such as sugar addiction, binge eating, bulimia, nibbling, orthorexia etc. The accompaniment lasts 2 to 3 months with visible results from the first month.

Eating disorders decrease, the weight stabilizes or goes down slightly, respecting the rhythm that is yours. You will also have simple exercises to put in place on a daily basis, which even quickly become new reflexes.

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