Do you have an old cat? These 5 tips are valuable to you!

When a cat is about ten years old, the weight of age is getting more and more felt (and we’re not talking about that weight gain or slimming that it spawns). One realizes that his sight, his smell and his hearing are no longer what they were in the past and that good old Tomcat sleeps even more than usual. It is less active and its character changes. If there is nothing like regular visits to the vet to rule out potential health problems and ensuring good follow-up is already a big step to take care of him, you can also take other steps to ensure him an old age Quiet and less trying.

A development work

An older cat does not necessarily have the same spirit. It becomes complicated for your animal to climb to the top of its tree, to climb steps or to jump to gain height. To avoid unnecessary pain and make it easier to travel, put baskets everywhere in easily accessible places. And if he has osteoarthritis, give him a memory basket of form that he will no longer leave.

Watch the cold!

If possible, arrange its baskets in hot and dry areas, in short, outside the draughts that would be unpleasant.

Don’t leave him in his corner.

If he gets away more and more, feel free to go to him. Words, caresses, encouragement and games/exercises without excess are on the program.

The meal

It is necessary to facilitate digestion with more “moist” meals. Buy croquettes in a range suitable for senior cats and moisten them before serving. Grinding food a little more can also be a good option. Finally, do not hesitate to prefer small meals at several times during the day rather than a big meal. So it will be less difficult to digest.

Maintenance of his fur

With age, some cats have more trouble ensuring their toilet and the hairs are no longer what they were (dry and scattered hair, less elastic skin). It is therefore necessary to brush it more often.

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