Here are the causes why your urine smell strong !

The smell of your pee does not necessarily challenge you. After all, it’s just a smell of urine! But sometimes she’s strong and she smells bad! So you’re wondering what might be causing that. It is important to know that. Here are several possible causes.


It is the urea that determines the smell of urine. Depending on its concentration, the odor will be more or less strong. In any case, the urine should not smell too intense or unpleasant. If that is the case, it may be a health problem. It can also be a symptom of bad lifestyles.

In the majority of cases, the urine smells strong because of the taking of certain medicines or the consumption of certain foods (coffee, beet, alcohol, onions, etc.). On the other hand, a scented urine can be the result of dehydration. Because you do not drink enough fluids, the urine is slightly diluted and causes a bad odor. That a low-diluted urine also entrains stones to the kidneys (renal calculations). In order to prevent this, it is necessary to hydrate well.

What can cause a scented urine?

There are three possibilities: bacterial infection, urethral infection and a hormonal phenomenon.
Bacterial Infection
This type of infection affects the bladder or urinary tract. Examples include cystitis. The urine will emit a strong odor but it is not the only symptom. There are also pains and burns during urination, kidney pain, persistent feeling of having to urinate as well as fever.
Urethral Infection
Urine can also smell bad in case of urethral infections. Some STDs such as chlamydia may also be the origin. These sexually transmitted diseases result in swelling and irritation of the duct through which the urine is circulated in the body. As a result, when evacuated, it gives off an unpleasant odor.
Hormonal phenomenon
It’s more about women. For Yes, at the time of ovulation or pregnancy, hormones can cause the urine to emit as a smell of ammonia (especially during ovulation). In the first trimester of pregnancy, the odor is rather pungent.

If the cause is hormonal, there is really no need to worry. The odor will disappear pretty quickly. On the other hand, when it is of bacterial or urethral origin, consult a doctor in order to receive the best advice and prescriptions.

Types of odor and their causes

Ammonia Odor
As we have seen above, we can detect the ammonia that is in our urine at the time of ovulation. This odor is also present after menopause. The rate of estrogen hormones decreases and the protective vaginal flora weakens, predisposing women to urinary tract infections. This can then have a strong ammonia odor in the urine.
Sweet Smell
When diabetes is poorly controlled, it can alter the smell of urine. It can, in this case, acquire a sweet and much sweeter aroma. It is the added sugar or ketones in the urination that causes this. If the smell of your urine is sweet, you may be diabetic. On the other hand, if you are diabetic and the smell of your urine is sweet, in this case you need to stabilize your treatment.
In general, good hydration is important to help with the elimination of toxic substances (which are also one of the causes of bad odors in the urine) and prevent the formation of kidney stones. It is also important to consult a doctor as soon as you observe any changes in the odor or color of your urine.

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