Eat the skin of the kiwi: Another preposterous idea of the Internet?

As for the skin, not all the fruits are housed in the same sign. You don’t get annoyed to bite an apple without peeling it, but for pineapple or watermelon, there’s no one (and you’re right!). For pineapple, it’s more complicated. To see the hairy skin of a doubtful brown, it is difficult to envisage the idea of ingesting it and appreciating this sensation.


Yet consuming is common in some countries (New Zealand in the lead) and this could even be very good for health. Clumsy as she is, Grandma sees another advantage: not having to dissect the fruit, it is less likely to put everywhere! Before closing the page thinking that we have gone crazy, discover the benefits of eating the kiwi skin and our tips to eat well.

Eating Kiwi skin, what does it bring to the body?


-You multiply by three the supply of fibers of a kiwi compared to a consumption without the skin. But fibers are crucial for digestion and cholesterol management.
-It contains omega-3, minerals (magnesium, potassium, zinc…) and vitamins A, C and E. These components play an important role in our immunity, our neurological and vascular functions and the beauty of our skin.
-There is also folate whose anti-cancer and heart disease powers are not negligible.
-Other compound in the name a little scientific: Flavonoids which are important molecules thanks to their antioxidant properties, anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory.
-Its only real disadvantage is its texture!

How to eat the kiwi skin at best?

Some kiwi skins are more enjoyable than others like that of the yellow or golden Kiwi that will suit those who want to start testing and become familiar with this mode of consumption since they are finer and smoother than those of green varieties Usual. For the rest, it’s not much different than an apple! You have to make sure you clean the skin and you are free to consume it the way you want. Some scratch the small hairs on the skin to remove the debris accumulated on the surface of the fruit and avoid the few digestive worries, especially in case of fragility to avoid inflammations, polyps of the colon and other Dyspepsia In the long term.

If you like to start in small preparations, you can also add skin to your usual smoothies without worrying to lose and waste no nutrients. With your other fruits or vegetables, vegetable milks and seeds, it will always be as delicious and the question of texture will not arise! Ultimate Delight, prepare delicious candies to satisfy your taste of fruit and sweetness.

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