How to evaluate your tobacco use and your motivation to quit smoking?

If you want to quit smoking, start by making a balance sheet of your consumption and your relationship to tobacco. Also take into account your lifestyle (diet, physical activity). This step will allow you to learn more about your motivations.

Take a look at your tobacco use.

To get a clear picture of your tobacco use, ask yourself the following questions:
-What type of tobacco: smoked, prized…?
-How much?
-Since when?
-Do you also consume other addictive substances: alcohol, cannabis, other drugs, drugs, etc.?

Also ask yourself what tobacco consumption means to you.

What about your lifestyle? Because it is important to be careful to take into account the other aspects of your lifestyle. I.e:

  • Do you have a balanced diet? This makes it possible not to gain weight when quitting tobacco;
  • Do you consume alcohol? Any other addictive substances, drugs? These consumption will have an influence on the modalities of weaning;
  • Do you practice physical activity? This will also help you with weaning.

Measure your addiction to tobacco and nicotine.

Tobacco is responsible for an important dependency. This one is stronger than that induced by heroin, alcohol and cocaine.

The essential characteristic of dependence (or addiction) is the loss of freedom to abstain.

It is considered that you are also dependent on tobacco if you live one of these situations:

  • If you have already relapsed after one or more stops;
  • You cannot stop yourself from smoking when you have a disease caused by tobacco;
  • You are always afraid of being short of tobacco.

What is your MOTIVATION to quit smoking?

Motivation is a key element in the success of smoking cessation. Health professionals, especially your attending physician, can help you strengthen and maintain it throughout the weaning.

Finally, ask yourself if:

Quitting smoking is important to you;
You intend to stop and for what reasons.
Take a look at your motivation on the tobacco Info Service sites.

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