Facials: How to reboost your skin at the beginning of the day?

To gain in tone, brightness and light, it is enough to adopt the good reflexes.

Deep Skin Cleaning
This is the key to rid it of pollution particles, impurities, excess sebum and allow the assets contained in the care to penetrate better. Every night, make a double makeup. With a cleansing milk, cream or oil, massage the face with your fingertips to remove the pigments and impurities. Rinse with clear water or with a lotion. Follow the application of a foaming product (gel or cleaning foam), rinse with fresh water.

Massaging his face
It’s the foolproof natural trick to revive the microcirculation and reoxygenate the tissues. Adopt the method of backgammon pinching, developed in the 1930s by Dr. Jacquet. It consists in pinching the skin between the thumb and the forefinger, by short tonic movements, in order to give a stroke of the whip to the face. Insist on the oval to reshape it. Be careful, this should never hurt you.

Exfoliate smoothly
Once or twice a week, eliminate your dead cells with a scrub. Do not choose it too abrasive. Prefer powders, mix with a little water, or formulas without grain, whose enzymes nibble dead cells rather than take off.

Dope his day Cream
Pulse your daily care with capabilities formulas, drop by drop in your day cream or insert in the form of a cartridge in your vial to create a custom-made product tailored to your skin’s needs when Runs out of breath. At choice, anti-fatigue assets like taurine, anti-dull like vitamin C, anti-stains, like licorice.

Spinning at the dermatologist
If you are adept at aesthetic medicine, or if you want to get started, your dermatologist can make injections of Skinbooster, a product based on slightly reticulate and micronized hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin in depth, improves The elasticity and firmness of the skin. Count on two sessions spaced for one month, then one session per year for a plump skin and a radiant mine. From €200 the session.

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