Finding a beautiful breast after breastfeeding

After baby weaning, many young moms are surprised to see their breasts diminish. But with a few tricks, it is possible to fix it. How to find and firm your breast after breastfeeding? Our advice.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding: Has your chest changed?

During pregnancy and under hormonal influence, the chest almost always takes up volume. On the other hand, after the baby’s weaning period, it gives the impression of dropping suddenly. Will your breast change because of breastfeeding? It will depend on the degree of firmness of the connective tissues. However, just after weaning, most women feel they have a flatter breast. This phenomenon is also common, earlier, in women who give the bottle.

-Medically speaking, it is quite normal that after the cessation of breastfeeding, the breast has changed: the glands in the breasts have atrophieded, the skin that had formed on it is now a little too generous and the reserves of fat of Support, which had accumulated during the pregnancy, have exhausted themselves.

-This does not mean that there is nothing to do! Even if the breast has no muscle, the more the skin and the connective tissues are irrigated and the more the muscles of the chest are stimulated, the more beautiful the chest.

Cold water helps firm up breast after breastfeeding

-cold water tightens the tissues and allows you to firm up your chest. Shower each breast alternately, for ten seconds, with hot water and cold water, making circular gestures for about one minute. This tones the walls of the blood vessels and strengthens the fibers of the tissues. Push-up effect assured!

-the most courageous can opt for a more radical method: instead of using cold water, prefer ice cubes. With the shock caused by the cold, the pores of the skin shrink while the irrigation and the energy supply of the cells are stimulated.

Moisturize her breasts, a good reflex

-the skin of the breasts is very sensitive because it does not have sebaceous glands.
So it’s good to moisturize them every day. No miracle cream will increase or shrink the volume of your breasts, but it is scientifically proven that soft contacts strengthen the chest slightly.
This action can be enhanced by special creams that contain trace elements such as silicon, soy plant extracts, ivy or Tiger grass as well as the constituent elements of the skin, collagen and elastin. These active substances help the cells to regenerate and ensure the formation of new collagen fibers.
Is your cleavage making a face? Massage him!

-To apply the cream, warm it in your hands, then start at the lower edge of the chest by small concentric gestures, then circle over the nipples (avoid the nipples themselves) to finally widen on the sides.
-At the end, Pat with the fingertips in the long and wide on the neckline. This will promote irrigation and lead active substances into the tissues.

For a generous volume:

-Use tanning powder: Take a little powder on a large brush and follow the outlines of Voitrine chest. Start between the breasts, as if you were following the top edge of a bra and let the color decrease in the direction of the shoulders. Finally, in a sitting or standing position, never forget to take out the chest and tuck your belly in.

A firm chest? Give up salt

-Food can also play a decisive role in the firmness of your breasts: abundantly salty meals can help loosen connective tissues as they retain water.
-On the contrary, support collagen fibers are fortified by silica and vitamin C, which are found for example in Kiwis.
3 tips for a beautiful chest
• Take small showers. Prolonged hot baths remove a lot of moisture from the skin.
• Pay attention to the sun. Frequent exposures make connective tissues loose and cause pigment stains and small folds.
• Wear a bra, otherwise the connective tissue will relax.

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