Fine Hair: 5 ways to boost their volume without chemicals

You have fine hair and without too much volume, and dream of a large and more glamorous hair? Follow our five tips to find a maximum volume.

1/Use Volume boosters
The basis is to use suitable products for your hair type. Choose special shampoos that will boost the volume, proper care and volumizing foams for fine hair, to apply to the roots.

2/head Upside down
A great classic… That works! Put your head upside down, then tousle your hair by drying it with the hairdryer. Take good care of taking off the roots by passing your fingers several times.

3/Use Little Shampoo
Applying too much material has the effect of increasing the hair and, in fact, making it flatter. Try to use only a large hazelnut shampoo to wash your hair, you will see the difference.

Once your hair is dry, take back your hairdryer and, using a round brush, smooth them upside down (starting from the base of the skull and going up to the top of the head) in a few gestures to give them more body.

5/Make Illusion
To give an impression of volume XXL, the solution sometimes it is… To Cheat! Arm yourself with a brush and eye-shadow of the same color as your hair, and apply it on the strip to blur it to the maximum. And to make some more, lightly crepe your hair to the roots, immediate push-up effect!


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