flat tummy: what diet to reduce belly fat?

To lose the size of the waist, it is essential to take an interest in its diet. Beyond a flat belly diet, we offer you effective tips to lose your tummy and feel good in your skirts and trousers.

Two major reasons explain the increase in waist circumference. The first is related to a problem of intestinal transit, while the second is due to a storage of fats at the level of the abdominal belt. Rather than opting for a restrictive regime that will bring you more frustration than lasting results, find out how a few simple dietary changes will help you find a flat belly.

Find a flat belly by improving your transit.
A suitable diet will already allow you to deflate your belly, thanks to better intestinal transit. Indeed, poor digestion often causes bloating and constipation, which even in slender people, results in swelling of the abdomen.

Our food tips to improve your transit:

  • Eat high-fiber foods (green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes… complete list here).
  • Prefer cooked vegetables, easier to digested. Beware also of crudites, often consequence of bloating.
  • Drink a lot (water, tea, infusions), but between meals to avoid inflating your belly.
  • Avoid carbonated water (source of sodium = water retention) and prefer mineral waters, rich in magnesium, natural laxative.
  • Take the time to eat, chewing your food well.

To find a flat belly faster and cleanse your body in depth, you can also do a detox treatment before starting your slimming diet.

How to eat to lose your belly?
Following these first tips that will allow you to lose a few centimeters of waist size relatively easily, let’s take a look at the dietary tips that will have an impact on your silhouette in terms of weight loss. In both men and women, the belly is a part of the body that is particularly sensitive to fat storage. To eliminate lore-lets and love handles, there is no miracle solution, it is necessary to limit its caloric intake thanks to a balanced diet but of quality.

Some tricks:

  • Promote low calorie foods with high nutritional values (see our slimming food list).
  • Eat starchy food at every meal, but in small quantities.
  • Prefer white meats, fish, crustaceans.
  • Taking the time to eat and not to be served, it allows less eating.
  • Eat light in the evening.
  • Do not nibble between meals, or eat healthily. Alternatively, prefer a large glass of water or a cup of tea
  • Eat an Apple before the meal (appetite suppressant effect).
  • Limit bad fats: butter, cheese, fatty sauces,…
  • Avoid appetizers, deli meats, fried foods.
  • Limit sweets, pastry and pastries.
  • Limit alcoholic and sugary beverages.

Have you ever followed a flat belly diet? Do you eat special foods to refine your waist? Let us share your tips and tricks to eliminate blots, love handles and regain a WaSP size.

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