Foods to be preferred or avoided in case of cold.

When a cold is caught, some foods can help us clear the airways and strengthen our immune system, while others may cause inflammation and aggravate the symptoms.

A bowl of steaming soup on the table and a cup of ginger tea are not the only meals you have the right to dream of if you suffer from a cold. To release your airways, learn to prioritize and avoid certain foods in your kitchen.

The candies;
You may want to stick to the bottom of your couch, under a warm blanket, to watch a series of gobant strawberries Tagada, but it’s not a good idea. Sugar can cause inflammation in the body and thus weaken the essential white blood cells to fight infections. Sweets, even unsweetened, can also cause transit problems. and artificial sweeteners sometimes trigger headaches. If you want to avoid adding diarrhea to your problems, stay away from the sweets.

Simple carbohydrates;
Dreaming of buttered bread or a good plate of pasta? Again, this is not the best solution. Refined carbohydrates are quickly decomposed into sugar, which results in the same increase in blood glucose as sweet drinks and candies, with the same inflammatory effects. If you can’t do without these products, focus on the full versions, which can be digested more slow.

Alcohol and caffeine;
Like sugar, alcohol causes inflammation and weakens the white blood cells. It also has the double negative effect of contributing to dehydration. Staying hydrated is essential when you are sick, as the mucous membranes of your nasal cavities are better able to eliminate a virus when they are moist. Being dehydrated during the disease may also aggravate muscular pain. Caffeine-based beverages can also accelerate dehydration. Opt for water and infusion until the complete cure.

Spicy foods;
If you have a cold and the upper airways clogged, spicy foods can help you get them out. Chili, hot sauce, mustard, ginger, garlic… You can give it to your heart’s delight. Be careful however if you feel a fragility in the stomach. Spicy foods may aggravate the symptoms, recalls the reader’s Digest site.

If you fight a simple cold, eating a clementine or drinking a squeezed organ juice, without added sugars, can help you strengthen your immune system. However, avoid citrus fruits if you have a tummy ache or nausea, as they can irritate the stomach wall.

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