Grandma’s Remedies against the Blues

Our grandmothers used different natural remedies to alleviate bruises and bruises. Discover their secrets quickly!

Arnica and the cold: the miracle remedies against the Blues

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Arnica (arnica Montana) have a radical effect on the pain associated with a stroke. The flowers of this plant from the mountains of Europe and America favour the resorption of the subcutaneous bleeding causing the blue, the hematoma or the Hump. If our ancestors were to dry these flowers at the beginning of summer, we now find Arnica in many forms: in homeopathic granules (dilution 5 or 9 hp) to be taken immediately after the blow and then in regular catches during the first Twenty-four hours, in ointment, gel or dye to be applied locally and to renew three to four times during the Day. It is also advisable to complete this treatment with the application of ice cubes at the Time. Cold has the advantage of stopping the spread of blood from the hematoma and alleviating the pain Felt.

Poultices, plants and clay to clear the Bruises.

bruises, bruises, Hematomas and other bruises also find solutions in our Kitchens. To treat them, our grandmothers made poultices with various effective foods.

Here are the remedies used by our ancestors:

The green clay, to be applied on the hematoma, then band and let stand one to two hours making sure that it remains cold for better efficacy;
Parsley, associated with vegetable oil;
Chopped onion, mixed with 2 tablespoons of salt;
Cider vinegar, applied in compresses;
Potato, which contains healing starch;
Chamomile, infused and applied in compresses;

The flower of immortal (Helichrysum): a few drops of essential oil diluted in vegetable oil and applied in massages knowing that The use of essential oils is to be avoided during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and in children of Less than 3 years old;
Cabbage, whose leaves are used to make compresses;

Flax flour mixed with water, to be applied in Poultices.

finally, to alleviate the tears of your children, nothing like a big hug associated with a huge kiss. This will have no effect on the blue, but tenderness has beneficial virtues on the effect of pain and vexation Suffered.

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