Grandmother’s remedies against warts

Warts are unsightly, and it’s hard to get rid of them. Yet our grandmothers had developed many remedies to overcome them.

Warts have a bad reputation. They’re found on the hooked noses of the witches. We accuse the toads of transmitting them to us. Even doctors have denigrated warts throughout history. In the 19th century, Jean-Louis Alibert, considered the founder of Dermatology in France, said: “Among the dirt that can affect the human body, it is not dirtier and more disgusting than that of warts.” A speech still very steeped in our minds, yet today many dermatologists are trying to dedramatize the appearance of warts.

The appearance of warts

Finally the appearance of warts is a bit the only thing they are reproached. Warts are simply skin growths a little contagious but not that much. The wart is a generally benign condition that has nothing to do with a lack of hygiene. The person in charge is a virus: the human papillomavirus that develops in the epidermis, the most superficial layer of the skin. But there is nothing serious, even if you keep your wart for three years, it will eventually leave naturally.

Getting rid of warts

Often the social pressure causes us to want to eliminate warts at all costs. You can use tape. Take a piece of tape and wrap it around the wart to smother it. Leave the tape for seven days and you will see the skin of your finger wilt and become white. In fact the wart peels off the skin and will eventually fall off. Renew the operation as long as the wart is there.

The technique is very simple but quite serious. Several studies concluded that the technique was effective or in any case that it “deserved to be tried before using more aggressive treatments.” It is believed that the presence of the adhesive tape will alter the habitat of the wart. This will soften the cornea layer, increase the local temperature, so many changes that would not be favorable to HPV.

Psychosomatic causes to the disappearance of warts?

There is no scientific evidence and yet all the dermatologists contacted have talked about it. Many have told me the same story. Regularly parents make an appointment for their child’s warts and at the last moment they cancel the consultation because the child’s warts mysteriously disappeared.

Another old belief: rub its warts with a slice of bacon and bury it in the back of your garden. When the bacon is in decomposing condition, the warts will be gone.

Plants against warts

There’s a plant called wart grass. Its botanical name is celandine. You will not find a celandine in gardening because it is a weed. It grows in the wild, it is recognized by its yellow flower or by its leaves that resemble swallows. His juice is particularly interesting. Break a stalk in half, a yellow-orange juice appears. Apply this juice directly to the wart every day until it disappears.

In the Middle Ages the celandine was considered a magical plant. Today, dermatologists are more skeptical because in fact it doesn’t work at all times. But we know that in the juice of the celandine there is an alkaloid, the Coptisine, which has antimitotic properties. This means that this compound will oppose cell multiplication. The papillomavirus will therefore be “jammed”, it will not be able to replicate what limits its action. On the other hand, the juice of celandine does not smell very good and is not very aesthetic so you can camouflage the wart with a piece of tape.

Another tip: It seems that dandelion juice or even the milk of the fig tree also have their efficacy on the warts. Even sheep droppings would have verrucides virtues.

The celandine applies locally, only on the wart because it is corrosive. And above all it is not necessary to ingest directly because in the celandine, there is a toxic substance. On the other hand, adults can brew with dried celandine or prepare compresses to apply to warts.

Should I scratch the warts?

The general rule is not to attack your warts. If they don’t bother you, leave them alone. If they are painful or annoying, you can grate them gently but only if the warts are soft. If you grate while the wart is hard, it will start to bleed and there is a risk of infection. To soften, apply Vaseline or liquid black soap overnight, the next day check that the wart is soft. You can then grate gently.

And in case of a resistant wart, consult a dermatologist. If you have warts on the genitals, especially do not touch it, consult because there is a risk of cancer phenomenon.


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