Hair: 7 Criteria to choose your shampoo

Washing is an important step for the beauty and health of the hair. The point about shampoo, a product to choose with care, and not just for its good smell…

1. Do not assault my hair
The new generation shampoos have, for the most part, disposed of sulfates, these chemical washing agents. Others use mild sulfate agents. It is therefore preferable to shampoo with non-aggressive surfactants, avoiding sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate, the most aggressive of this family. “The formulas evolve,” explains Denise Golden, of L’Oréal Professionnel. Sulphates have been replaced by milder, coconut-derived surfactants. They have a good power washing without irritating, cater to all healthy scalps leathers, including colored or smoothed hair. Some products are also formulated with micelles (such as cleansers). Which gather to capture the dirt and sebum. and wash gently…

2. Wash my hair every day
There is nothing against it, provided you choose a mild shampoo. That is to say with washing agents very respectful of the scalp. “Only one application is enough and with little product “, adds Catherine chauvinistic. If the scalp is greasy, bet on a specific shampoo to keep the volume up longer. Or, in natural version, choose a neutral shampoo (very soft base) to which you add a few drops of essential oil of Tea tree (Melaleuca). First to test the bend of the elbow to see if there is no reaction.

3. Beautify my Lengths
“It’s not necessarily a good idea to choose your shampoo depending on its lengths, because that’s not what will cure them,” explains Denise Golden. Unless we have no scalp problems. In this case, it is possible to choose a more specific shampoo for the lengths “. “Useless, in any case, to knead them as if we were doing his laundry!”, continues Catherine chauvinistic, by René Furterer. It damages the hair and opens their scales. The foam that flows along the wicks is enough to wash them. It’s the care they need. Therefore, after washing, the application of a good conditioner or a mask is indispensable, especially if the hair is long. This product will restore softness, gainer and untangle the hair fiber.

4. Clean and treat my scalp
The first role of shampoo is to wash the scalp! It seems obvious, but, as the Biocoiff says, “You have to choose it according to the condition of the scalp, not the hair! “. Often, however, the specialist of the organic capillary, the shampoo used does not correspond to the real needs of the scalp. “If there is a problem with the scalp, the shampoo should treat the roots. For example, it will be a séborégulateur or soothing shampoo (in case of irritation) once or twice a week, alternating with a mild shampoo, adds Catherine chauvinistic. Hence the importance of having a good diagnosis: since it is difficult to see your scalp yourself, you can ask your hairdresser, on the occasion of a cup or a color, to give us information about the condition of our scalp. We will know whether to hydrate, nourish, purify or simply wash it gently. And we will avoid excessive irritation or seborrhea, because the shampoo used is not suitable.

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