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The cut on dry hair becomes the must in the country of hairdressers. Trend on social networks, this technique also proves to be faster and more durable. Here are 4 good reasons to opt for a dry haircut at the hairdresser.

1. Natural
Important: Wash your hair before you go to the hairdresser. Let them dry naturally and avoid frost, lacquer or any other styling product. The main advantage of dry cutting is to respect the natural movement and the structure of the hair as much as possible. Spikes? Loops? A skate on the left, right or in the middle? The hairdresser is inspired by the natural movement of your hair to make a tailor-made cut adapted to the shape of your face. As a result, you are radiant when you leave your living room.

2. Faster
Busy diary and long wait at the hairdresser don’t make good housekeeping, even if you enjoy this fun break. Zapping The shampoo box is synonymous with saving precious time for you as for your hairdresser. And that says no washing, also says no/little drying. A haircut, a styling and the trick is played. No more artificial hairstyles to the air effect. And these difficult tomorrows with indomitable hair.

3. Immediate result
The main enemy of long hair: a hairdresser who does not understand the three words “just the spikes”. The result of a cut on wet hair can only be seen after drying. These two centimeters make four under the effect of the hairdryer. On a dry cut, the result appears instantly: The hairdresser relies more on his instinct, he sees immediately how the hair is placed and can rectify the shot if necessary. It bases its cut on the shape of your face for a personalized result and adapted to the structure of your hair.

4. Finish the Bad days!
A dry cut has a duration of at least six weeks, depending on the cut or the length of the hair. Natural, it falls perfectly and therefore requires less time in the morning. Ideal for lounging longer in bed.

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