Hair Transplant : What is it? Everything you want to know about Hair Plantation

Hair loss can start very early. This is not a fatality.
To cope with hair loss, including when it starts early, there are (simple) solutions that help you find your hair and keep it.

The principle of capillaries (implants) is simple: hair is collected in the area of the rear crown, where they never fall, then reimplanted forward, in the area of the forehead and the shade.

Because they were too wide, the old hair grafts, called mini grafts, were sometimes unsightly.

Now we practice micro-grafts, hair by hair, much more aesthetic. After several sessions and a period of growth, it is possible to find a real and definitive hair, perfectly natural because it consists of its own hair.

In some cases, capillary grafts can be replaced or supplemented by simple interventions, such as reduced tones and hair flaps. With these surgical techniques, the result is very fast (a few days), but the scars are sometimes visible. If you are hesitant, let your cosmetic surgeon advise you on the best solution.

Rates range from 2500 to 9000 euros, depending on the number of micro grafts to be performed. The cost varies also depending on the surgeon. The intervention is not taken care of by the social security.

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