HaMMAM and sauna: what are the differences?

Dry heat and moist heat, Nordic or Mediterranean atmosphere… The sauna and HAMMAM room offer both a moment of well-being and relaxation. Here’s what you should know.

Why choose the HAMMAM room rather than the sauna, and vice versa? These replies will allow – for those who want to dilute their stress in the heat of these cabins – to make their choice.

The sauna to tone up.

The sauna disseminates a dry heat, without no moisture. In the sauna room, the temperature can climb to more than 50 degrees. It is a very strong heat.

If one follows the ritual of people from the North, after the passage in the cabin, go take a cold shower. Result, this thermal shock causes an increase in blood circulation.

The sauna in summary:

The cabin temperature: a little more than 50 degrees.
Time spent in the cabin: 10 to 15 minutes for those who have the habit.

Benefits identified: a toning of the body, if you take a cold shower in the wake. A study would have even proven benefits for cardiovascular health.

The hammam to relax.

Unlike the sauna, the HAMMAM broadcasts a moist heat, which HAMMAM is scented with eucalyptus essential oil. Several rooms can modulate the heat, and you can spend a room medium hot (to 37 degrees, the temperature of the body) to a frankly hot room (a little more than 40 degrees). The idea is to be able to switch to spend time.

Relaxation is inherent in the principle of the Hammam: we spend the time to disconnect, sweat and get rid of all the stress. After this passage in warm and hot rooms, complete ritual helps a large operation detoxification of the body, with the application of black SOAP and a complete scrub of the head feet.

The Hammam, in summary:

The cabin temperature: 37 degrees for the warm, 43 degrees around to the hot.
Time spent in the cabin: 1 hour in all.
Benefits identified: multiple results, skin soft and mind relaxed first.

What contraindications to the hammam and the sauna?

For the Hammam or sauna, main contraindications are for people heart, those who suffer from asthma and those who have blood problems, be it a voltage too low or too high. Diseases of skin type phlebitis is an absolute contraindication.

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