Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: what solutions?

During pregnancy, your body and blood flow are highly awry. And the risks of the appearance of hemorrhoids are more important. Zoom in on this annoying and painful disorder.

Hemorrhoids refer to the tissue of the duct that has swollen. They are located on the lower part of the rectum or anus. They can be of many kinds. In pregnant women, hemorrhoids are benefit due to pregnancy-related weight in the second or third trimester.

Internal or external hemorrhoids ?
There are internal hemorrhoids, located in the rectum, which are not painful. And for cause, they don’t contain nerve cells. You may have little itching by going to the saddle with the constant impression that your rectum is full. It may also happen that a hemorrhoid is dilated and out of the anus but always in a painless way. It becomes so if a blood clot is formed. These appearances are quite frequent the days following childbirth.

There are also external hemorrhoids that lodge under the skin around the anus. These are sources of suffering because they can cause itching. And the efforts to go to the saddle can crack these outgrowths and cause bleeding. You can also feel anemic.

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