Hemorrhoids: What is it ? What are favorable factors and symptoms ?

The symptoms related to hemorrhoids (bleeding, pain, prolapse…) are common and, although not serious, they are troublesome. The hemorrhoid crisis ceases in a few days but it tends to recur which can lead to daily discomfort. These disorders constitute the hemorrhoidal disease.

What is hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are a network of vessels present in the normal state, at the level of the channel. There are:

An external hemorrhoidal network (external hemorrhoids), located under the skin of the mouth of the anus,
An internal hemorrhoidal network (internal hemorrhoids) located deeper and higher under the mucous of the oral canal. It plays a role in the continence of the anus.

Hemorrhoidal disease is the set of disorders that can affect these vessels when swollen and irritated. In common parlance, we talk about hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid-related complaints affect both men and women. They are more frequent between 40 and 65 years. They are generally benign and transient, but can cause discomfort in everyday life.


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