Here Are 3 Remedies to combat the premature appearance of white hair

Coffee is a food that works best to fight the appearance of white hair. Its antioxidants and natural pigments promote hair fibers and destroy dead skin and dandruff. Prepare two cups of coffee and apply them to the entire scalp. Allow 30 minutes and rinse. You can redo the manipulation two to three times a week.

2/The avocado
Vitamin E, fatty acids and minerals contained in avocados reduce the premature appearance of white hair by acting directly on the scalp. Crush the flesh of a ripe avocado and rub it on your hair then let it act for 30 minutes and rinse. Again, you can do the operation three times a week.

Sage is with the coffee the two most used foods to fight against white hair. The nutrients and antioxidants of the plant fight effectively against the premature onset of white hair. Make the same manipulation as with the curry leaves and your hair would be better off in the face of old age.

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