Here are Some Must Know Measures to reduce the frequency of canker

Canker are small superficial ulcers that are most often formed on the mucous membranes inside the mouth: on the inner face of the cheeks, the tongue, the inner face of the lips, the palate or the gums. Canker may also appear on the genitals, but rarely. It will be here only question of the canker in the mouth.

Measures to reduce the frequency of canker

-have good oral hygiene. Use a soft bristle toothbrush. Floss between teeth once a day. In addition, some studies have shown a reduction in the recurrence of foot-and-mouth stomatitis in people with Antibacterial mouthwashes.
-Avoid talking while eating and chewing slowly so as not to injure the oral mucous. The lesions make the mucous membranes more susceptible to the onset of canker.
-Try to find out if there are any food intolerance or sensitivities and, if necessary, remove the food in question.
-If necessary, check with your dentist or denturist that the dentures you are wearing are well adjusted.
-Avoid using sodium dodecyl sulfate-based toothpaste, although this is controversial.

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