What are the 5 causes of back acne? How to treat back acne at home ?

The phase of puberty is often marked by the appearance of pimples in the face. This may extend to other parts such as the upper arms and back. It is then referred to as dorsal acne which also suffer some adults.

To deal effectively with this epidermis disease (a very common health problem), one must first know the main causes. Here are some solutions to permanently get rid of your buttons in the back.

Acne in the back can be a source of complex when beautiful days arrive or in intimacy. How to get rid of these unsightly buttons? Simple changes in our daily habits can help eliminate acne for good and make the skin softer.

Here are the 5 most common causes of acne in the back:

1/ Products that obstruct pores
Body lotions, massage oils and sun creams can promote the onset of acne in the back.

Solution: use dry oils or non-greasy sunscreen. In summer, opt for creams, as they contain less oil and moisturizer the skin.

If you like massages, ask your masseuse to use a non-greasy lotion or a gel.

2/ Clothing that irritates the skin
Choose your clothes well to go to the sport. If you are practicing with synthetic fabric clothing, you may be able to promote the onset of acne.

Solution: opt for cotton clothing.

3/ The genetic factor
If other members of your family have acne problems, the risk of having them is more important.

Solution: use a shower gel that contains benzyl peroxide to remove pimples.

4/ Diet
The condition of your skin says a lot about your diet, if you eat badly, pimples may appear.

Solution: avoid fast food and unhealthy foods. Your diet must be rich in fruits and vegetables.

5/ Lack of care
Those who do not take care of their skin have more acne problems. To treat acne, it is necessary to nourish the skin of the back like that of the face.

Solution: you can scrub with sea salt, 2-3 times a week. The skin will become softer and softer. Then make sure to choose a cream suitable for mixed to oily skins.

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