Here are the five things you can do with the fanes of Carrots

Reduce your food waste today. With original and greedy anti-GASPI recipes, you will be delighted and your guests too. Dietary and quick to realize, these recipes with carrot Fanes will surprise you both by their taste and by their nutritional intake. Excellent for health, carrot fanes are rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins: essential nutrients to hold the form! Not throwing away your fanes is to ensure good health and savings all year round.

1. Prepare a carrot fanes soup
With this carrot fanes soup, no more food waste. Creamy and quick to make, this soup is perfect for people who are anxious about their line. All you have to do is fanes a bunch of carrots, onions, potatoes and a liter of vegetable broth. All you have to do is cook the whole thing on a low heat for 30 minutes and then mix your soup with a dip mixer or blender. Season it with nutmeg, salt and pepper to enhance the taste and the trick is played: You get a delicious and dietetic carrot fanes soup, while saving money.

2. Prepare a carrot fanes pesto.
Equally greedy, this anti-GASPI recipe is perfect for an aperitif between friends 100% successful. With fanes of organic carrots preferably, a handful of pine nuts, a clove of garlic and a little olive oil, you will get a delicious fanes pesto of carrots to accompany you all summer. Have a mixer or blender to mix and then get a smooth, creamy pesto. Whether it’s spread or to accompany pasta, this pesto with carrot Fanes will save you money and time. In 10 minutes, you have a perfect accompaniment that will melt all your guests at the hour of the aperitif!

3. Prepare a quiche with carrot Fanes
What if you change some of the traditional quiche? In addition to being greedy, the quiche with Carrot Fanes is economical and dietetic. Do not throw away your carrot fanes, indulge yourself with this original quiche recipe. With a broken paste, eggs, cream, coconut milk and Gruyère, you will have a successful quiche device. You just have to incorporate the fanes of finely chopped carrots and season it with a little nutmeg, cumin and pepper. Bake for 30 minutes and you will get a tasty and crispy quiche.

4. Prepare a cake with carrot fanes
For the fans of cake, this original recipe with Carrot Fanes is to be tested absolutely! We opt for an anti-GASPI kitchen using carrot leaves, if possible organic carrots. This cake will be delicious for a lunch or a picnic with family or friends during the summer. You can now enjoy yourself while not taking zero kilos and adopting the zero-waste lifestyle. With flour, eggs, fresh cream, yeast and of course fanes of carrots, you will get a crisp cake and melting in the mouth in 40 minutes in the oven! You will become “Fanes”;-)

5. Other ideas recipes with carrot fanes
And that’s not all! Carrot faness have long been in the trash but now we are reducing our food waste and saving money. You can now make many recipes all as greedy and dietetic from one another. Rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins, they provide nutritional benefits that are essential to our health. Carrot Fanes can also be added in dishes, pasta or salads as a finely chopped condiment: a delight and a taste discovery for our taste buds. So don’t throw away your carrot fanes, give them a life in your anti-gasp kitchen!

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