Here are the mistakes to avoid at the table to fall asleep easily

Stress and noise are not the only problems that can disturb sleep, food too. A few rules for a dinner conducive to a good sleep. So, these are 4  Mistakes to avoid at the table to fall asleep easily

An evening meal too heavy: it differs the time of falling asleep because the stomach will take longer to digest, because of the volume of the food and because the fats stagnate there longer. It is therefore necessary to limit the amount of fat at dinner, visible (sauces, creams…) or hidden (deli meats, cheeses…). Note: Only the essential fatty acids found in vegetable oils and fish have a favorable role on sleep. They participate in good cellular exchanges, especially at the level of the brain.

Skipping dinner: It is important to have enough energy to not be hungry at night. A balance between too copious and light meals is to be preferred.

Too much protein: they have a stimulating effect on the organism. For this reason, a small portion of meat (low fat) or fish should suffice at dinner.

Exciting drinks: Even if the sensitivity is not the same for everyone, it is better to avoid excess coffee, tea, especially after 16 hours. As for alcohol, if it can help to fall asleep, station to the backlash: the quality of sleep can then be disturbed (nocturnal awakenings).

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