Here are the simple gestures to get firm breasts.

It is not uncommon to want to have firm and perky breasts. Unfortunately, pregnancy, hormone fluctuations, and aging of the breast tissue and skin can easily cause your breasts to sag. While you can quickly achieve dramatic results by consulting a medical professional and possibly having surgery, this is not the only route to getting firmer breasts. Adjusting your lifestyle and posture habits will prevent any further sagging from occurring, and developing a normal exercise routine that targets the chest muscles will lift your breasts over time.

Cosmetics, massages and push up techniques to restore shapes and tone:

Galbe and outfit
The ideal attack treatment to strengthen this area and put it back in tension according to Isabelle Benoît, director of innovation Institute Esthederm? The diversion of products. “You choose a firm, antigravity face care that acts on the dermis to better support the volumes, and apply it every morning as a mask in a thick layer and without removing the excess. Rich textures and balms are favoured. Smoothed and plumped, the neckline reflects the light better. »

To apply it, draw an 8 around the breasts with the dish of the hand. Then we go back to the shoulders, ending with pressure on the chest and décolleté.

Very dry, devoid of sweat glands and sebaceous, this delicate skin crumples and crumples from 40 years. The parade? “Deeply rehydrate with treatments full of plumping hyaluronic acid. Slipped under the mask in the morning, they unfold the necklines in less than a month. You can start prevention as early as 30 years old,” recommends Isabelle Benoît.

Anti-stain prevention
Crack, yes, provided you neutralize UV damage, which is a big purveyor of wrinkles and stains. “Before and during the summer, an antioxidant serum with vitamin E – resveratrol or polyphenols – is released under its cream in the morning, which prevents inflammation. In the evening, we focus on the antioxidant and antimelanin virtues of vitamin C, destroyed by the sun,” recommends Isabelle Benoît. As for melatonin precursors, you should know how to use them, as these tan boosters also intensify the spots. “We forget the capsules and just apply our tanning accelerator cream all over your body, except for the cleavage.”

“Women don’t dare touch this thin and delicate skin for fear of scratching it, whereas on the contrary, the more you ask for it, the more beautiful and sweet it will be,” says Dominique Rist, director of training and development spa care Clarins. The attack treatment to boost it? The duo scrub and bust care. The first increases its resistance, the second its tone. With this routine, the breasts come back to life, smoother, better curved. »

Cold shower
“To rectify the situation, we are relying on cold water,” says Dominique Rist. Two firming options: the Model’Bust Clarins, $111, a breast hydromassage device that activates blood circulation, improves cell exchange and tightens tissues. Or ice cubes are made with water and a bust tensor gel to be applied in circular motions.

To rise to the top? It’s just a matter of dress. By standing upright like an i, the neckline will defy the laws of attraction. Isabelle Benoît’s enhancement exercises that follow also help us. Standing with your head pulled to the ceiling by a wire, you unroll your shoulders backwards and stretch the muscles of the spine.

For a more pronounced chest effect, one grimaces with an inverted smile that contracts the platysma muscle connecting the chin to the tip of the breasts. We need to see them get up. Three sets of 10 contractions. To gain volume, you take two weights or two bottles of water and bring the elbow backwards. Three sets of 10.

Sports that stretch the body and give the pace are also preferred: dance, yoga, Pilates or bar on the floor.

Pulsed light and hyaluronic acid
Ships, spots, vertical wrinkles… the signs of time are imprinted on our cleavage as with a highlighter. For his delicacy is also his Achilles heel. When our creams struggle to revive a crumpled and crumpled epidermis, we can consider the beautiful skin solution. “Before unfolding, the skin is cleaned with intense pulsed light (220 euros per session) in order to standardize it. Brighter, the neckline looks rejuvenated, says Dr. David Modiano, a cosmetic physician. Two weeks later, it is redensify with injections of fluid hyaluronic acid that rehydrates the tissues in depth without volume and smoothes the neckline from the first session (from 150 euros). »

Radio frequency
Another anti-stain and anti-fripé technique is the latest generation of Venus Viva nano-fractional radiofrequency. According to dermatologist Dr. Serge Dahan, “The heat energy provided by this technology creates microscopic impacts that heat the dermis and coagulate pigmentation. The skin texture is remodeled and improved, with no heavy suites, just a few redness esbbles and small crusts for a few days. Only constraint: no sun for a fortnight. From the first session, the complexion is thinned and the skin is wrinkled, smoothed, toned. After the summer, this benefit is maximized with two additional sessions. From $300.


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