Here are tips from grandmothers To fight the Overweight

To fight the overweight here are tips from grandmothers, sweet, effective and natural.

To lose weight first you have to eat less. But that doesn’t necessarily mean being frustrated! Just drink about half an hour before you go to the table a large glass of water, then with the time 1/2 liter of water by eating a small piece of apple. So you’ll be less hungry. In addition, during the day you can drink water by gradually increasing the doses. This trick will be all the more effective as the water will be lemon. It will then act as a real natural appetite suppressant.

For a slightly more elaborate slimming tip, boil for 10 minutes an orange and 3 lemons cut into slices in 1/2 liter of water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to the set and boil for 5 minutes before filtering. Once the solution is cooled, drink 3 cups every day.

Green tea is also recommended by our grandmothers. These benefits on the body are countless including the stimulation of the digestive system and the regulation of intestinal transit. You can drink up to 7 cups daily. Be careful though as this can alter your sleep.

There is another trick to lose weight that seems to be very effective. It consists first of taking 40 ml of cider vinegar in 3 times at the beginning of each meal. Then you have to follow a diet that excludes foods that are too refined such as white bread or corn flakes and reduce their sugar and salt consumption as much as possible. Finally, you have to chew at length. The first effects of this cure are usually observed after about ten days, they are slow but gradual. You can keep this pace for six months.

The advice of our grandmothers
Attention! Cider vinegar is contraindicated in people who suffer from hyper acidity, gastritis and ulcer-sensitive stomachs.
If you want to plan, talk to your doctor.

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