How do I know if I have cancer?

We almost all know someone who has a CANCER. Most often, no one has seen it coming, at best you said to yourself, well, there’s something wrong. Are there any signs that need to worry you? Is it possible to learn to find clues in the other and at home that could save the life, saving time on the disease?

Yes, there are a few, the ones doctors use to suspect cancer. Most of these signs are not complicated, do not require medical equipment. You can also act at your level to save time on the disease.

  1. Cancer, it’s scary

At the moment, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to be afraid of cancer or not to have thought about it. The CANCER has become famous because it is almost equal in the classification of CAUSES of mortality, with cardiovascular diseases (stroke, infarction ETC.). He can touch everyone.

Only here, everyone is talking about it, thinking about it, but we regularly see people coming to their doctor or even to the hospital with cancers already very advanced and that “jump to the eye”. For example, a woman who goes to her GP for a completely different reason and where we discover a “hump” of 3 CM on her breast. Anyone would have thought of CANCER, but… Cancer is scary. No one wants to hear themselves say “… You have cancer “because everyone still thinks that having cancer, it means” I’m going to die soon. ” So rather than going to see a doctor, we prefer to say “no but maybe it’s not that”, “I would go to consult later, when I have time…”, “It does not hurt ME, it can not be serious” ETC. All the reasons are good to flee the reality.

Yet, taking his COURAGE with both hands and pushing the doctor’s door, it can literally save your life! And don’t tell me, I’ve already waited too long, there’s no point in going now. Not! It’s always time to save time as long as you’re alive.

Unfortunately, it is not always those who need to go to consult who will read this TYPE of ARTICLE, on the contrary! The escape and the remoteness of any thought that would comfort fear is often the first reflex. Fortunately, you who will read this ARTICLE, at least in the outline, you will be able to transmit your knowledge and your advice to those who are your loved ones and who will entrust you their doubts. You can then encourage them to consult if you are alerted by what they describe to you. Do not hesitate to accompany them to the doctor. In addition to being a proof of love, you will be able to offer invaluable support to this person.

  1. Be attentive if you notice…

That you or a loved one lose weight effortlessly . 5 to 10% of your usual weight in less than six months. Don’t say, too good! Tell yourself it’s strange though, you haven’t made a diet, you haven’t totally replaced your tele-car lifestyle by running-ATV. This is usually the sign that your body uses its energy reserves because it is waging an internal fight, possibly against CANCER.

Persistent FATIGUE

You are thinking that you are often tired in the last few months or that a close one is. Ask yourself questions if your schedule is no more overloaded than usual, and if you happen to advance your bedtimes or make easy naps, which was not the case before.

Decreased appetite

You are not hungry which contrasts with your eating habits. Even the foods you loved ate don’t tell you anything anymore.

A feeling of persistent fever over several weeks for no reason

First reflex, take your temperature with a RECTAL thermometer if POSSIBLE. Fever is not at 40 °c in this type of case, but rather oscillates between 38 – 38.5 °c. If there is a small fever but it lasts only a few days, do not alert. Beyond a few weeks or if it comes back regularly, stay alert to see if other signs are not added.

Balls in some strategic places

Two possible locations. On organs like the breast for example or a mass that you feel in the belly. In these cases, it is the tumor that is directly palpated.

More common, you can have lymph nodes that will react and “be activated” which will make them increase in size. ATTENTION, they are very responsive, and can activate for a host of reasons “not serious”. The most commonly felt lymph nodes are those under the arms, in the fold between the leg and the belly (fold INGUINAL or fold of the groin), on the neck, or in the hollow just behind the clavicle (Hollow SUS-clavicular). Only alert if they stay inflated more than a few weeks in a row, say a month to give a number. If touching them triggers a pain, rest assured, it is probably not CANCER, but rather an INFECTION.

  1. Special signs for the fourth most common cancers.


Check your breasts regularly as it is recommended to do, once a month (in the shower for example, the skin slides better). If you feel a small ball, try to stay calm and if POSSIBLE wait at least two weeks especially if you are not menopausal. With the hormonal cycle the TEXTURE of the breasts varies and it is POSSIBLE that this small mass that you have palpated disappears at the end of your cycle. In this case, it is probably a small cyst or other NON-disturbing lesion that follows the course of your hormones.

On the other hand if the mass is large enough and persists several weeks after your discovery, do not wait more to go to consult your gynecologist or other competent doctor. A mammogram will be carried out to clear this case. Once again, any mass can be anything but CANCER.

The TEXTURE of your breast can also change, with a retraction of the skin as if it were attracted to “the inside”. Another sign, an appearance of nipple eczema (Paget) which is a particular form of presentation. It looks like an INFLAMMATION of the skin that turns red and painful.


If you smoke, think about it. If you don’t smoke, think about it anyway!

The most classic and easy to spot signs are the fact of spitting blood, of having a change of voice (you have trouble talking, muffled voice, bitonal…), to have a hiccup that persists for weeks.


Think about it if you’re a man. Women do not have prostate. The signs are not very “obvious” because the prostate is rather hidden and has no VISIBLE activity to the naked eye.


The sign most often found is a problem to urinate (dysuria) because the prostate is crossed by the urethra (which connects the bladder to the extremity of the penis), but other CAUSES such as BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) can create the same symptom . It is also POSSIBLE to find blood in your urine.

Upper Aero digestive Pathways

These cancers are usually caused by years of alcohol + tobacco. They concern the mouth, throat (esophagus, PHARYNX), vocal chords.

Think about it if you have problems swallowing, drinking or eating or both; If “It doesn’t pass” (dysphagia). The SENSATION of having something stuck in your throat, something that constantly tickles can also be a sign if it doesn’t improve in a few days.


For the mouth you can have a sore that does not heal after several weeks on the tongue or inside the cheeks, on the palate or the gums.

A persistent cough several weeks or even months can also be a sign, especially if it never happened to you before. Your voice can also be altered (as with lung CANCER), it can be smothered or you may have trouble controlling it. swollen glands at the neck are quite evocative if they are associated with other signs.

  1. In summary

The combination of several of these signs is especially what needs to alert.

If you have one or more of these symptoms especially don’t tell yourself, “That’s it, it’s CANCER, I’m screwed!”. These signs are not “foolproof” and can also be found in other less serious or not serious illnesses at all. For this reason go see your doctor! His experience and ability to combine all the information to extract the diagnosis will make the difference between anguish to reassure and good INITIATIVE on your PART. It is your health that is at stake, you have at this stage all the powers on your future. If in doubt, talk to friends if you are not afraid to go to your doctor, ask someone you trust to accompany you to reassure you. But do not think too much, act even if you are afraid of what can wait for you.

This is to allow you to avoid the “if I had known”, “I felt well that something was not NORMAL in my home” and all those PHRASES that make us regret the past that I pass on to you this ARTICLE. Act for you, and for those you love.

What you can do now: pass this ARTICLE on to the people you care about and why you wouldn’t want them to say “if I had known”.

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