How do I know if my skin is dry or dehydrated?

With the coming winter and the fall of the temperatures, the skin is severely tested. How do I know if it is dry or dehydrated and how to give it a smooth and nourished look?

Characteristics of dry skin
Dehydrated skin lacks water while dry skin lacks sebum. Sebaceous glands of a dry skin do not produce enough lipids, necessary for the formation of the protective skin barrier. Consequences? It is weakened and dries up very quickly in the face of external aggression such as temperature change or pollution.

How to feed it?
With tailored care, like rich oils or creams to bring him comfort. Also rely on vegetable oils, ideal to give it intense nutrition.

The characteristics of dehydrated skin
In cruel lack of hydration, and therefore water, it is not a type of skin, but a problem that all natures of skins (oily, mixed…) can meet during their life. This lack of water is due to external factors such as environment, wind, overly aggressive care, tobacco, cold… This is why in winter you have to pay special attention to adapting your beauty routine using intense Re-hydrating treatments such as creams, masks or serums. Another way to hydrate: drink water in large quantities. An external hydration is essential to have a beautiful soft skin.

Dry or dehydrated?
Perform a very simple test: pinch the cheek lightly. If it does not return to its initial form as soon as you release the pressure from your fingers, it means that it is dehydrated. It lacks flexibility and tends to mark more fine lines. Another way to recognize an epidermis in lack of water: it pulls, is dull, shows traces of redness and wrinkles tend to be more visible.

Dry skin is uncomfortable and irritated. The most dry areas are rather located towards the eyebrows or the edges of the nose. Finally, if at the touch, it appears rough, do not ask any more questions: your skin needs to be nourished.

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